In 1993 I began working at Bernie Grundman Mastering apprenticing under my uncle, Multi-Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer, Bernie Grundman.  It was a unique opportunity to learn everything from the ground up from one of the top engineers in music; I filled in wherever I could at BGM, from the tape library to quality control so that I could learn and master each step in the mastering process.  Eventually I became Bernie’s production engineer and shortly thereafter began working as a mastering engineer.

Over my nearly 20 years at BGM I have had the honor and privilege to work with many different artists and on projects that span a wide spectrum of genres.  Regardless of the scope or scale I invest myself fully in the final product, providing the best sounding music possible.

I love what I do and I think that comes across in my work.  Take a look at my Clients page to read what some of them have had to say and while you’re there check them out as well by clicking their names; you might just find a new favorite artist or producer.