Throughout my career as a mastering engineer I've had the pleasure of working and developing professional relationships with many talented artists.  Some of them have been kind enough to provide testimonials about the work I’ve done for them. Please take some time to click the links and explore their pages.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Bozzi as a mastering engineer on various projects and I am always pleased by the results.  Joe has great ears and delivers consistently great competitive sounding masters."
David Kershenbaum - Multi-Grammy Winning Producer

"Joe is top flight!  With sharp ears, artistic sense and an ocean of patience. Thank you, Joe, for your ability and talent"
Ruslan Sirota - Grammy Award-winning Composer & Pianist

"I'd be lying if I said I understood fully what mastering is all about.  It's a subtle and delicate art.  It simply comes down to: do you like the way your record sounds?  Joe Bozzi never disappoints.  He just gets it.  With years of experience, it's evident he loves what he does and he always delivers."
Tony Beliveau - Lead Singer Of The Band "Crash Kings"

"A total genius! Working with somebody like master Bozzi has taken things to a whole different level. His professionalism, work ethic and perfectionism are rare and extremely hard to find in this business."
Ignacio Val - International Pop Star

"It's always a pleasure mastering with Joe, the end result is amazing and he's very easy to work with to fine-tune and achieve your sonic goals!"
Chris 'TEK' O'Ryan - Grammy Award-winning Sound Engineer & Music Producer

"There are truly a very few who understand the nuances of mastering records. Bernie and Joe have defined the standard for all to follow."
Robert Carranza - Grammy-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer

"Working with Joe is pleasure. He listens to the music and the needs of the clients and truly cares about what he is doing. I am a perfectionist and like when I can trust the people around me to deliver in the end. I would recommend Joe highly."
Ross Hogarth - Grammy-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer