People tend to think that they can’t afford professional mastering but the truth is that they can, and with a high quality final product; whether you are U2 or a garage band you are gonna walk away with your music sounding as good as it possibly can.

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The mastering systems at Bernie Grundman Mastering are designed and built in-house by our technical staff. Any commercially manufactured equipment used is modified to improve their performance. Incorporated within the studio is a 1,200 square foot, fully stocked shop. This not only provides ample facilities for R&D and maintenance of our systems, but also provides on-the-spot support for sessions in progress.

Central to the mastering systems are our all-discrete, A/B analog consoles. The equalizers, limiters and line-amps are proprietary integrated elements of our consoles. During their design each component is tested on the bench and auditioned by ear before selection. Other performance raising attributes are massive power supplies and detailed grounding implementation. The result is that our consoles provide clean, high-fidelity transfers of client's music to the final master.

We are capable of playing back many kinds of source material. Our maintained ATR and Studer analog tape decks use our own solid-state and vacuum tube playback electronics. We have head stacks for 1/4", 1/2", and 1" in mono, stereo, LCR, and 4-track configurations. For digital playback we have ProTools HD systems, MasterLink, DAT, Sonic Solutions, Sonoma, 1630, F1, MO, Genex, Sonoma, ADAT and more.

Our digital converters of choice are from Lavry Engineering. We also have converters by Pacific Microsonics HDCD, Apogee, and Meitner. Digital signal processors include Weiss, Waves, TC Electronics and Harmonia Mundi. We use the AudioCube digital audio workstation and virtual precision instruments for mastering.

The heart of our system is the monitoring environment. A tuned and calibrated listening room is vital to successful mastering. Our full-range monitors employ Tannoy components with custom cross-overs and cabinets.

The mastering systems has been modified numerous times to incorporate any new ideas that can help the engineers to sonically achieve their goals. In the end, the ultimate goal is to give our clients a superior product .